The New Gradient Wave

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Related articles

Educational article about CellProfiler at PLoS:

Introduction to the Quantitative Analysis of Two-Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Cell-Based Screening

Article page | PDF


Process flow for MESA+ Nanolab. [UPCOMING]


Automated quantitative high content screening: CellProfiler

CellProfiler is open-source, developed by, among others, the BROAD Institute, and is available for free.

Finite Element Modeling (FEM): COMSOL® Multiphysics

COMSOL® is commercial software and therefore not available for free.

Scripts for analysis, imaging and post-processing: Mathworks MATLAB

MATLAB is commercial software. MATLAB can be interface directly with CellProfiler and COMSOL. An open-source and free alternative is Scilab.

Statistical software package: IBM SPSS

SPSS is commercial software. SPSS can be considered the standard in statistics software. An open-source and free alternative is R.

Vector mask design: WieWeb CleWin

CleWin is commercial software. CleWin is mask design software from a spin-off company of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.